AMC Landau Vinyl Tops

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AMC Replacement Vinyl Tops

Although American Motors Corporation (AMC) never had the success of GM or Ford overall, they still produced some of the most recognizable vehicles of all time. Landau vinyl roof coverings were popular offering in most of the models they they released. Most models had a full vinyl landau roof, but finally in the Concord and Eagle, AMC started offering half landau roof styles for their 2-door models, with 4-door models coming with a full landau roof.

Factory Original Fit and Details

The replacement vinyl landau tops offered by TopsOnline all are OEM original factory styling with the same cuts, stitches and details that you'd find from the factory. Our AMC landau tops are offered in a quality Haartz material with fleece backing that uses the Levant Grain Vinyl pattern that is a reproduction of the original vinyl used. You'll see original colors offered in levant grain vinyl material so your AMC can be restored to its original glory and personality.

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