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Chevrolet Headliners

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Replacement Chevy Headliners

Headliners are a great thing to update in your Chevrolet's interior to give a fresh and clean look. Purchasing replacement headliners made for your exact year / model / trim Chevy allows you to copy the original headliner's style, dimensions and materials so your newly installed headliner matches the factory. You don't have to worry about measuring or sewing, as the headliner is ready to install. We offer all the factory original OEM fabrics, in original colors, so your interior will match.

Headliners Ready to Install

All of the Chevy headliners sold by TopsOnline are ready to install. They are fully sewn and tailored for each specific vehicle. Some of the details like number of bows (supports) and whether or not the vehicle has a skylight are also taken into consideration, so simply check which options were released by Chevrolet for your year and model to ensure that your top will fit your vehicle with precision. When you get your top, you may need to save your old bow supports. Some Chevrolet headliners come with new bow supports and new T hangers, but some do not, so simply see what was offered for your year and make. If you need new metal channels that attach to the underside of the roof, you can email our Customer Support team and we can help you with that custom order.

Sun Visors and Sail Panels

When ordering a new headliner, it will come with extra material that you can use to recover your sun visors. For vehicles that have sail panels, a headliner will also include material to recover those backing boards, as well. However, if you want to speed up your project and not have to recover your sun visors and/or sail panels, you can choose a package that includes these items ready to install. If sun visors are in your package, they will be ready to install with no gluing or sewing required. For those vehicles with sail panels included, they will be made to match each specific model and package (some have full sail panels; others small) and will come on new backing boards that are ready to install. Purchasing a headliner with these additional elements will ensure your interior looks fresh and new and the details, like sun visors and sail panels will match the fresh new headliner.

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