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1948 thru 1954 Hudson Commodore, Hornet, Pacemaker, Super & Wasp
1948 through 1954 Models

If you own a Hudson automobile, you own a piece of history. This classic auto maker merged with Nash-Kelvinator to make American Motor Corporation (AMC) in the mid-1950's. They were the first auto maker to create a "step down" interior, where you stepped down into the frame, making a safer and more spacious interior. This concept would be duplicated by most every automobile maker in the world. If you have a historic Hudson Commodore, Hornet, Pacemaker, Super or Wasp convertible, we can help you restore the beauty of these vehicles by getting a new convertible top to put on the vehicle.

Replacement convertible tops for Hudsons come in two pieces, with the back area secured with a horseshoe zipper. Once installed, the roof area of the convertible top will overlap the material on the sides of the window and make the top appear to be one continuous piece, even though it is actually two pieces. When shopping for a new convertible top for your Hornet, you'll need to check to see whether you have a glass window frame that you'll want to use on your new top. Hornet tops come with two options for this back curtain area: 1) a plastic window heat-sealed into place or 2) a blank curtain area of double thick material. For the blank curtains, you will need to have a glass window with an inner and outer frame that will grip onto the material and hold the glass window into place. If you have a reusable glass window with frame, this can be done by your installer when the top is put onto the vehicle.

Our Hudson tops come in two materials: Haartz Stayfast Cloth, which is a modern equivalent of the original canvas fabric used, and also an option for Haartz Pinpoint Vinyl, an aftermarket choice. Our tops are made using precise patterns and stitching to fit each Hudson's with precision so your new convertible top will look factory original when installed professionally. We also offer replacement convertible top pads in case yours are damaged or worn thin and will need to be replaced when the top is replaced.

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