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1963 thru 1971 Mercedes 230SL, 250SL & 280SL Pagoda (W113 Chassis)
1963 through 1971 Models
230SL Pagoda (W113 Chassis)
280SL Pagoda (W113 Chassis)
250SL Pagoda (W113 Chassis)
1972 thru 1980 Mercedes 280S SE SEL, 350SE SEL, 450SE SEL & 6.9 (W116 Chassis)
1972 through 1980 Models
280S (W116 Chassis)
280SE (W116 Chassis)
280SEL (W116 Chassis)
350SE (W116 Chassis)
350SEL (W116 Chassis)
450SE (W116 Chassis)
450SEL (W116 Chassis)
450SEL 6.9 (W116 Chassis)
1972 thru 1980 Mercedes Benz 450SL, 350SL & 280SL (R107 Chassis)
1972 through 1980 Models
450SL (R107 Chassis)
350SL (R107 Chassis)
280SL (R107 Chassis)
1972 thru 1982 Mercedes 450SLC, 380SLC, 350SLC, 500SLC & 280SLC 2 Door Coupe (C107 Chassis)
1972 through 1982 Models
450SLC (C107 Chassis)
350SLC (C107 Chassis)
280SLC (C107 Chassis)
380SLC (C107 Chassis)
500SLC (C107 Chassis)
1977 thru 1985 Mercedes 200T, 230T, 230TE, 240TD, 250T, 280TE & 300TD Station Wagon (S123 Chassis)
1977 through 1985 Models
200T (S123 Chassis)
230T (S123 Chassis)
230TE (S123 Chassis)
240TD (S123 Chassis)
250T (S123 Chassis)
280TE (S123 Chassis)
300TD (S123 Chassis)
1980 thru 1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL, 280SL & 500SL (R107 Chassis)
1980 through 1985 Models
380SL (R107 Chassis)
280SL (R107 Chassis)
500SL (R107 Chassis)
1985 thru 1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL, 500SL, 420SL & 300SL (R107 Chassis)
1985 through 1989 Models
500SL (R107 Chassis)
560SL (R107 Chassis)
420SL (R107 Chassis)
300SL (R107 Chassis)

Our replacement Mercedes Benz carpet kits are made in the factory style and are made to the original Mercedes factory specifications and workmanship. You can find exact color matches to original carpets, as well as Mercedes Benz replacement carpet in both the original Mercedes velour carpet and the original Mercedes loop pile carpet, as appropriate for the specific model. They are a precise fit for each model and year to traverse the contours and nuances of each Mercedes Benz model. TopsOnline offers right and left side driving models and distinctions for S123 chassis station wagons with various split rear seat and cargo area folding seats configurations.

Mercedes Benz replacement carpet kits are complete kits for all of the carpet pieces of the car's interior. Trunk kits are also offered for some models and include variations for U.S. and international versions, where the battery may be in the trunk vs. the engine area. They include an original heavy-duty durable Mercedes-style heel pad on the driver's side footwell carpet so the complete finished look is just like off the lot. Our replacement Mercedes carpet kits also use the same Mercedes vinyl carpet binding on edges, as the original model, to protect against fraying and separation of the carpet fibers over time. These pre-cut and finished replacement carpet kits will help ensure your new carpet is beautiful, with no raw edges or cutting errors for a more quick and professional new carpet installation.

Shop these Mercedes Benz replacement carpet kits with full confidence, as Mercedes Benz products are a specialty of TopsOnline. Please let us know if you have a question about your Mercedes interior or convertible project and we would be happy to offer our expertise.

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