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Ford Ranchero Hardtop - 1957 thru 1979

Ford Ranchero Hardtop - 1957 thru 1979

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Replacement Automotive Headliners

When you want to replace the headliner on your vehicle, your best bet is to get a headliner made specifically for your year/make/model combination. By having this specific replacement, you can ensure that your headliner will have a precise fit and match the style and look of your original headliner.

Factory Original Style Headliners

Each replacement headliner sold by TopsOnline is made specifically for each year/make/model combination. All of the original materials and textures are called out for each vehicle and are available in original colors, so your new headliner will look like a brand new version of the original headliner made for that vehicle and from the factory. The seams for bow placement and other details will also match. You will reuse your bows and other hardware unless they are specifically mentioned as included in your new headliner kit.

Headliner Kits Including Sun Visors and Sail Panels

Replacement headliners come in a few options. First, you can get the headliner only, which will be a fitted liner with 3" of extra material on all sides for fitting and stretching. It will also include extra material to recover the sun visors, and if applicable for your year/make/model, extra material to cover the backboards of the sail panels.

If you don't want to recover your sun visors yourself, we also offer packages that include new sun visors, so you can simply install them and not worry about recovering the originals. This is a great option if the integrity of your original sun visors is not great.

For vehicles that have sail panels, we also offer a package which includes pre-covered replacement sail panels on a new backboard, so you can install them quickly and easily. They will be cut do precise dimensions for each vehicle year/make/model/trim combination, so they fit perfectly.

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