When shopping for a new convertible top, quality is likely tops on your wish list.  The durability and longevity of window bonding is one area where quality is paramount.  TopsOnline works with one of the best convertible top manufacturers in the industry and we'd like to educate you abou the proprietary window sealing system offered by EZ ON, which is so strong and so durable that these EZ ON window systems come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Convertible Top Window History

In the past, many aftermarket convertible top windows have been manufactured in such a way that the sealing process can leave unsightly press marks on the convertible topping material around the window.  Furthermore, other manufacturers have used a lower quality bonding agent that can, over time, allow the window and top to separate; leakage can ensue.


The EZ ON Difference

EZ ON is an industry leader in producing quality convertible tops, and their winning streak continues with the newest innovation they bring to the convertible top market.  EZ ON has created a highly advanced window sealing process which creates an incredibly durable seal, without the unsightly press marks that other manufacturing processes can cause.  EZ ON is so confident in the durability of these new window systems that they come with a Lifetime Warranty: if the bond between the top material and the window fails or leaks, EZ ON will replace the top! (see complete warranty for details)


EZ ON EWP Window SystemThe New EZ ON Window Systems

The new EZ ON Window Systems incorporate an engineering process that creates an extremely strong bond that eliminates separation and leaking.  In addition, the processes create a factory type, OEM style finish.  The new EZ ON Window Systems are the highest bond quality available on the market, and they are available in two styles, each suited to the particular models for which they are manufactured.


The first new EZ ON Window System is called the “EWP Window System”.  This window bonding process includes a “J” shaped edge around the window; this is available to be a near-perfect match to the OEM specifications for the models for which the EWP Window System is available.  Click here to learn more about the EWP Window System from EZ ON.


EZ ON SGR Window SystemThe second new EZ ON Window System is called the “SGR Maxbond Window System”.  This window system provides for an alternative edging finish to the EWP System; rather than the EWP’s J-shaped edge, the SGR Maxbond System creates a smooth, flat finish, which is a perfect match to the original top window that the car came with from the factory floor.  Click here to learn more about the SGR Maxbond Window System from EZ ON.



The Value of EZ ON Window Systems

The benefit to you is that when you buy either of these new EZ ON Window Systems, you know that you are getting the best quality available in the industry.  And, as always, when you buy EZ ON products, you also get the most competitive price around.  Best quality plus competitive pricing means the absolute best value for your money.  If you are in the market for a new convertible top window, be sure to check with TopsOnline.com about the new EZ ON Window Systems.