replacement honda s2000 convertible top
Image courtesy Flickr/ck_cabrio-creativlabs

Despite garnering praise from every corner of the automotive world, sales of the Honda S2000 proved disappointing, and the car ceased production after only ten years. Many Honda S2000 convertible top owners and fans were saddened to hear the news, although it does add to the vehicle's exclusivity (and will continue to do so in future years, as the stock of S2000s in good quality decline).

The Honda S2000 soft top received rave reviews from both automotive specialty magazines and consumer groups. Car and Driver named it one of its "10 Best Cars of the Year" in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2004. Jalopnik named it one of the "10 Best Cars of the Decade." Road & Track called it one of the "Best All-Around Sports Cars."

But in addition to having a lot of appeal to the hard-core drivers and gearheads, the Honda S2000 soft top earned high marks from consumer groups including J.D. Powers and Associates and Edmunds Consumers, thanks to its high quality of manufacturing and dependability.

Sadly, the Honda S2000 sales numbers began to flag in the 2008 automotive industry crisis and global financial market collapse. Production ceased in June of 2009.

If you need a replacement Honda S2000 convertible top, we offer them for both generations of Honda S2000. Our replacement S2000 soft tops feature the EWP and Perma-Lok window bonding systems, for dependable quality that you can trust.