Dustin Hoffman's Alfa Romeo Spyder in The Graduate
Image copyright Embassy Pictures

The hit 1967 movie The Graduate starred Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and one very sorry little convertible Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spyder. Hoffman’s particular car was produced from 1966-1969. In the movie, it is given to Hoffman’s character as a graduation present (which explains how a shiftless recent college grad ended up with such a sweet Alfa Romeo Spyder convertible).

This cute, sporty little Alfa Romeo soft top even plays a critical function in the movie: as Hoffman is racing to the church to attempt to stop the wedding, he is significantly delayed when his car runs out of gas.

This car and this movie loomed so large in the popular imagination that in the 1980s, Alfa Romeo produced a special “Graduate” version of the Spyder. This Alfa Romeo featured the same convertible top, basic (some might say “primitive”) interior design and features, and even used the same badges featured on the Alfa Romeo convertible in the movie.

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