replacement Corvette convertible top
Image courtesy Flickr/Sicnag

Known as “Easter eggs” in the video game and DVD realms, several car manufacturers have hidden great little secrets inside their cars over the years. According to a recent Jalopnik article, every 1996 Chevy Corvette convertible top model has a baseball bat, a hot dog, an apple pie, and the Chevy logo stamped in secret on its bodywork.

To find the symbols, “pull up the carpet from the area behind the passenger seat, right above the speaker-mounting cutouts.” These classic symbols of Americana originated from the 1970s-era Chevy slogan, “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”

If you finish replacing your Corvette’s carpet and find yourself in need of a replacement 1996 Corvette convertible top, as always we have you what you need. We offer tops for this model with both defroster glass and non-defroster glass rear windows.