In this week's Q&A I thought I would turn the tables, and address the #1 most common question we have to ask our customers: which color?

 All of the standard colors available for an item will show on the product page.  Just choose the "Add to Cart" button in the row for the color you wish to purchase.  We typically name our swatches to be consistent with the manufacturer's name for the color, so you can more easily find a match.  If you are looking to make an exact match and aren't sure which color it is, then feel free to contact our team and we can help you with your selection.  Also, to look at a color more closely, click on the color swatch image and it will expand in a pop-up window to give you a better look at the color and the texture.  Some colors may render differently on different monitors, so feel free to ask if you aren't sure you have a match.

In some cases, custom colors are available through a special order from the factory.  If you are interested in getting a color not listed on the product page, then you will want to contact our team to ask about it.  In most cases when deailing with custom colors we recommend ordering a color swatch to ensure that the color is the one that you are looking for.  Our standard return policy doesn't apply to custom colors because they are special orders made just for you, so a color swatch can help save you from a situation where you don't like the custom color you ordered and are stuck with it.