Plymouth Fury convertible topFor a certain segment of the population, thinking about “retro cars” automatically brings to mind the specter of Christine, the evil car antagonist of the Stephen King novel of the same name. This demonic car, cherry red with white stripes, captured the imagination of a generation of horror fans.

Although King specified that Christine was a 1958 four-door Plymouth Fury, technically there was no such thing: the 1956-1958 Furys were only available as two-door hard tops. Furthermore, the 1958 Fury was only available in beige with gold trim (although its sister model the Belvedere did come in “toreador red and iceberg white”).

The first Plymouth Fury convertible top was offered for the Sport Fury convertible model year 1959, and the Plymouth Fury convertible in model year 1960. The Plymouth Fury’s iconic styling included chrome everything, and tail fins to die for.

We offer replacement Plymouth Fury convertible tops for all available model years and includes top-of-the-line professional grade materials and a wide selection of fabrics and colors to make your classic car restoration complete. (Just don’t restore Christine’s demonic spirit while you’re at it!)