replacement honda s2000 convertible topWhen Captain Kirk isn't piloting the Enterprise into certain danger, he's tooling around Hollywood in a Honda S2000 convertible top. Eagle-eyed S2000 forum users pegged Pine's car as an AP2 model, in the color Silverstone.

Although it's tough to see the color precisely, since Pine's car is weirdly dirty. (Don't famous Hollywood actors have people who will wash their cars for them? Does Chris Pine's house not have a garage?)

Chris Pine's Honda S2000 convertible top looks to be in pretty good shape, despite not being cared for as well as it might be. Which is too bad, since the lifespan of a convertible top is partly dependent on how well it is cared for. Cars which are regularly cleaned (particularly those which live near the ocean, as salt water spray is very corrosive) and stored indoors will have their convertible tops last far longer than those which are neglected.

If you need a replacement Honda S2000 convertible top, whether or not you are a famous movie star, we have a wide range of fabric and color options to suit your needs.