If you wonder why we’ve been talking about convertible top windows a lot lately, it’s because it’s always a popular topic, and we get lots of questions about them.  We hope to give you the insights you need to answer your questions so you can get back on the road in your convertible with confidence.


Recently we talked about whether you can re-use your convertible top window when replacing your convertible top.  There were some cases where you could, but most cases were that you could not.  So today, we are going to talk about the inverse of that situation. What if your convertible top material is in great shape with years of life left in it, but your window needs repair.  Can you just replace the window? Sometimes this question comes up because of damage to the window, or because the window delaminates (aka separates) from the convertible topping material around it.  


Most of the time, when it comes to the question of “Can I replace my convertible top window?”, the answer will be no, but if you have a two-piece convertible top, then you can purchase a replacement for the window curtain section of your top.  Two-piece convertible tops have a top section (which covers the roof section) and a separate window section.  On all TopsOnline product pages for two-piece tops, you will see the option to purchase the window section only, the top section only and to purchase a complete top replacement (both the window and the top portion).  Two piece tops are popular for American cars through the late 1990’s. A few other makes, including Toyota and SAAB also came with two piece tops.


Anyone with a one piece convertible top cannot replace the window only.  If your window bond is failing (separating from your material) or your window is cracked, scratched or otherwise damaged, there is not an effective way to replace the window only and salvage the rest of your top.  The reason that you cannot replace your window only is because it is virtually impossible to bond your new window to your old top in a way that will create a waterproof and lasting seal. No secondary, post-manufacturing process has been proven to provide a lasting and effective seal that will work for the needs of a convertible top.


Window bonds are so important - even in the manufacturing process - that they are one way that many convertible top manufacturers have differentiated themselves from competition.  All of the manufacturers that TopsOnline has selected to work with all have superior window bonding technology that has come from years of expertise in the industry and investments made in the window bonding process in order to create a superior bond that lasts.  This allows the products that TopsOnline to come with a window bond warranty that will back the confidence we have in products.


Solutions like glueing or taping your window in place should be seen as very temporary fixes while you select a replacement top and are awaiting it’s installation.


So, we hope that this news has not come as too much of a blow if you are having window issues.  The good news is that convertible tops can be quite affordable and TopsOnline offers multiple brands of tops in multiple materials, so you have lots of options -- including budget friendly convertible top replacement choices.  Get shopping or call our Customer Support team and we are happy to help you choose a new top that is right for you.