1968 Pontiac Firebird convertible top
Image courtesy Flickr/Chad Horwedel

Q: What’s the difference between the “factory style” and “non-original style” tops you offer for the Pontiac convertible top Firebird/Trans Am?


A: There is one key difference between the factory original and non-original tops we offer for this classic American muscle car: the rear window.


The factory original style Firebird convertible top featured a plastic window, which is made of DOT-rated heavy 40-gauge vinyl. This is a safe, lightweight, and durable plastic window. For those who are focused on performance, the weight savings in plastic versus glass is an easy one. And for those restoring a classic car, or purists who prefer the factory original style for everything, the original style plastic window is the way to go!


The non-original tops feature a glass window, which is made of DOT-rated, professional-grade safety glass. You will not need to make any frame modifications if you want to swap out your current top for a replacement Trans Am convertible top with a glass window.


The glass window tops are a little more expensive than the factory original style top with a plastic window. However, many people prefer glass windows from an aesthetic perspective, because they do not experience scratching and hazing the way that plastic windows often can. Shop TopsOnline Pontiac convertible tops now to see the selection for your model year.