Pontiac Firebird convertible top
Image courtesy Flickr/aldenjewell

From our perspective (of providing replacement Firebird convertible tops and replacement Trans Am convertible tops) really there is no difference between the two models!


The Trans Am is the Firebird’s “big brother,” essentially the same car but with better performance options, a more powerful engine, and more high-end interior options. But although there are numerous differences between the two, their convertible tops are interchangeable. Which should tell you how similar these two cars really are!


We offer Firebird convertible tops and Trans Am convertible tops in the original 1-piece style with plastic window, and a non-original style 1-piece top with a glass window for all the available model years: 1967-1969 (Firebird convertible top only), 1987-1989, 1990-1993, and 1994-2002.


These classic muscle cars were originally designed to complement the Chevy Camaro, although they quickly grew a fan base of their own. Few car categories seem to inspire passion in their fans like American muscle cars, and the Firebird and Trans Am were no exception.