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What are convertible top cables?

side tension cables

There are three different kinds of cables that you may see referenced around our site or on the internet. These cables are part of the apparatus that allows your convertible top to go up and down smoothly. They help tension the top, so that it doesn’t sag or lean to one side or the other.


Do I have to replace them?

If your cables are in good shape, then you often will not need to replace them if you have to replace your convertible top. They can simply be re-used in the new top.


If your top is sagging, leaning to the side, if some of the cable has snapped and is hanging down (you will not normally see your cables), if the top is not going up and down smoothly, or if one side is getting ahead of the other, then you may need to replace your cables.


What kind of cables do I have?

The most common cables in use are called Side Tension Cables. These are hidden in a pocket along the side of your convertible top. They are what holds the top down tight against the side windows.


Rear cables are less common. They are found in many models of VW up to 1994, and Capri. These hold the convertible top down to the rear of the car.


Rear Quarter and Rear Flap cables are also somewhat uncommon. They are found in 1994-1998 Mustangs, and 1984-1998 Cavalier and Sunbird models. These cables hold the top down to the top quarter of the car, directly above the rear side windows.


How can I find out what kind of cables I need?

Just look up your car’s make and model in our system. We will have the correct cables listed for your car. If you are ever unsure about which part you need, just contact us! Our experts are happy to help.

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