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1988 thru 1992 Mazda RX7 1989 thru 1997 Mazda Miata MX5 & MX5 Eunos
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The Mazda Miata (officially named the MX5) is one of the first modern roadsters. It launched in 1989 and essentially kickstarted the modern fondness for the roadster style of car. Although there have been many competitors and similar vehicles launched since then, the Miata convertible top remains one of the most popular.

This roadster was meant to hearken back to the sporty small British coupes of the 1960s, cars which were as fun as they were affordable. The Mazda Miata top convertible design paid homage to those fun convertibles of the past. The Mazda Miata improved upon them by adding the level of safety features and precision engineering in both the body and the Miata top for which Mazda cars are known.

The Miata soft top is unique in that it was originally the default option for the model. Mazda obviously knew what its customers wanted, because the Miata tops the sales lists year after year.

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