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Seat Covers (Factory Style)

1984 Ford Mustang SVO (Coupe, Convertible & Hatchback) Seat Covers

Seat Covers (Factory Style):1984 Ford Mustang SVO (Coupe, Convertible & Hatchback)

These replacement seat covers (Front and Rear) are only for the Ford Mustang SVO Hatchback models for the 1984 model year. (Front only replacement seat covers will fit all models). Made with standard cloth or leather. TMI Products include a limited lifetime warranty; cloth products include a 1-year warranty.

These replacement seat covers are for the Ford Mustang SVO Hatchback models only. Manufactured to factory specifications and workmanship.

  • TMI Products set standards above OEM, so you will get the highest quality seats, made with standard cloth or leather.
  • Upholstery for standard seats (bucket and bench) is an exact factory reproduction - exactly like factory original, down to the stitch count.
  • The seats feature exact and authentic colors, which makes matching OEM or TMI colors easy and accurate. Plus, future additions blend in perfectly.
  • The "piping" (also known as welt) on the seats feature TMI's Extruded Piping. This superior craftsmanship approach produces piping which is 23 times thicker than a vinyl-wrapped cord. Unlike Wrapped Cord Piping, Extruded Piping never shows a white string-wrapped cord, no matter how much wear it takes.

Factory Style SVO Bucket Seat Covers - Full Set (Front and Rear) or Front Only

Important: The Full Set (front and rear) of replacement Seat Covers below only fits 1984 Ford Mustang SVO Hatchback Models with bucket seats. The Articulated Hi-Performance Front Only replacement Seat Covers below fit all 1984 Mustang SVO Models.

:1984 Ford Mustang SVO (Coupe, Convertible & Hatchback)

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Full Set For
Hatchback Model
Front Only
For All Models
::Leather Mustang Charcoal L543 Charcoal Leather $1,451.00   $1,030.00  
::Cloth Mustang Charcoal 61 Charcoal Cloth $877.00   $628.00  
::Seat Foam Mustang Hi-Back Bucket Seats SVO Seat Foam for ONE Seat $219.00   $219.00  

Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers Kit

This Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers Kit is for use when installing replacement seat covers.

  • This set of hog rings and hog ring pliers is a kit which is used to install replacement seat covers. If you are a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, and are replacing seat covers on your vehicle, check to see if hog rings will be required for the job.
  • Approximately 100 hog rings are included along with the pliers.

:1984 Ford Mustang SVO (Coupe, Convertible & Hatchback)

Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers Kit $20.00  
Here is what TopsOnline customers are saying...

It's been a few months, but just a quick note to let you know the new upholstery in my 560SL is fantastic and looks great after its first conditioning with Lexol ... Also here are a few pics of the new top and boot cover on my 68 Mustang...I'm really pleased with both.

- Ken S. (Canada)

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