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Seat Covers (Factory Style)

1964 and 1965 Ford Mustang and Shelby (Convertible, Coupe and Fastback) Standard Upholstery Seat Covers

Seat Covers (Factory Style):1964 and 1965 Ford Mustang and Shelby (Convertible, Coupe and Fastback) Standard Upholstery

The replacement seat covers offered on this page are only for the Ford Mustang models with low-back bucket seats for the 1964 thru 1965 model years. They are manufactured by TMI Products, and are made with Standard Upholstery (Sierra Grain Vinyl). TMI Products include a limited lifetime warranty; cloth products include a 1-year warranty.

These replacement standard low-back bucket seat covers are for the 1964-1965 Ford Mustang and Shelby Convertible, Coupe and Fastback models. Manufactured to factory specifications and workmanship.

  • TMI Products set standards above OEM, so you will get the highest quality seats, made with cloth, vinyl, or leather.
  • Upholstery for standard seats is an exact factory reproduction - exactly like factory original, down to the stitch count.
  • The seats feature exact and authentic colors, which makes matching OEM or TMI colors easy and accurate. Plus, future additions blend in perfectly.
  • The "piping" (also known as welt) on the seats feature TMI's Extruded Piping. This superior craftsmanship approach produces piping which is 23 times thicker than a vinyl-wrapped cord. Unlike Wrapped Cord Piping, Extruded Piping never shows a white string-wrapped cord, no matter how much wear it takes.

Factory Style Standard Upholstery Low-Back Bucket Seat Covers - Full Set (Front and Rear) or Front Only - Sierra Grain Vinyl

These Factory Style replacement seat covers are for 1964-1965 Ford Mustangs with low-back bucket seats, and are available in a Front and Rear Set, or Front Seats Only. This standard upholstery is Sierra Grain Vinyl just like the factory original standard upholstery offered in 1964-1965.

  • Note: Standard Upholstery is Original Sierra Grain Vinyl. Seat back panels supplied with the kit are without pockets. Deluxe center buttons are not included.
  • Front and Rear Sets include a total of 8 pieces: 2 front seat bottoms, 2 front seat backs, 2 front seat back panels without map pockets, and 1 rear seat bottom and 1 rear seat back. Front Only Sets include a total of 6 pieces: 2 front seat bottoms and 2 front seat backs, and 2 front seat back panels without map pockets.
  • 1965 Shelby Mustang seats originally came in black only; other colors are available as displayed, to match your Shelby Mustang interior.
  • Front seats are the same for all models and can be purchased separately below.
  • Important: Please compare your existing seats with the image we provide here. It is common for Mustang seats to be switched out from one year to the next by restorers; by comparing the image with your actual seats, you can be sure you are getting the right seat covers for your car. Don't see an image? Send us a picture of your seats and we'll help you make the right buying decision.
  • Rear Seat Foam Note: Rear Seat Foam is available for some models; because it ships oversize, please inquire so we can get you an exact quote with accurate shipping.
  • Front Bucket Seat Foam Note: We offer front bucket seat foam with and without listing wires. Listing wire is where the upholstery listing channel attaches. Factory original replacement seat foam did not include listing wires (you had to re-use your existing wires or fabricate new wires), so some restorers may opt to order seat foam without listing wires to stay original. However, we offer seat foam with listing wires molded directly into the foam for ease and convenience. We recommend purchasing the foam WITH listing wires.

:1964 and 1965 Ford Mustang and Shelby (Convertible, Coupe and Fastback) Standard Upholstery

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Full Set For
Coupe Model
(8 Pieces)
Full Set For
Convertible Model
(8 Pieces)
Full Set For
Shelby & Fastback
(8 Pieces)
Front Only Buckets
For All Models
(6 Pieces)
::Vinyl Sierra Black 958 Black Sierra Grain Vinyl $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Vinyl Sierra White 2290 White Sierra Grain Vinyl $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Vinyl Sierra Palomino 2288 Palomino Sierra Grain Vinyl $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Vinyl Sierra Bright Red 957 Bright Red Sierra Grain Vinyl $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Vinyl Mustang Sierra Dark Blue 2095 Dark Blue Sierra Grain Vinyl $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Vinyl Sierra Ivy Gold 2503 Ivy Gold Sierra Grain Vinyl $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Vinyl Mustang Sierra Bright Red 957 and White 2290 Deluxe Bright Red Sierra Grain Vinyl Trim with White Sierra Inserts $288.00   $288.00   $288.00   $191.00  
::Seat Foam Mustang Bucket Seats Mustang Seat Foam with Listing Wires for ONE seat $105.00   $105.00   $105.00   $105.00  
::Seat Foam Mustang Bucket Seats Mustang Seat Foam without Listing Wires for ONE Seat $63.00   $63.00   $63.00   $63.00  

Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers Kit

These Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers Kit is for use when installing replacement seat covers.

  • This set of hog rings and hog ring pliers is a kit which is used to install replacement seat covers.
  • Approximately 100 hog rings are included along with the pliers.

:1964 and 1965 Ford Mustang and Shelby (Convertible, Coupe and Fastback) Standard Upholstery

Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers Kit $20.00  
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Hi Vic: I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product you delivered. I installed it during the last 2 days and was impressed how precise it had been cut and sewed. The leather is exactly the color champignon I needed for my vehicle. If I can leave a feedback please let me know.

- Michael E. (FL)

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