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Rubber Weatherstrips (Weather Seals)

1971 and 1972 Plymouth Scamp 2-Door Hardtop with Vent Window Rubber Weatherstrips

Rubber Weatherstrips (Weather Seals):1971 and 1972 Plymouth Scamp 2-Door Hardtop with Vent Window

These high-quality replacement weather seals are guaranteed for a full 15 years. They feature a very smooth skin that is free of exposed cells or flaws.

  • Made to the highest quality standards, assuring a perfect fit and OEM quality appearance.
  • Provides even compression and sealing, thanks to micro-closed cells that are uniform in size.
  • Made using CAD and CNC mills for proper 3D contouring.

Plymouth 1971 thru 1972 2-Door (A Body with Vent Window) Hardtop Model Weather Seals - 15 year warranty

For 1971 thru 1972 Plymouth Scamp 2-Door Hardtop (A Body) Models with Vent Window

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Weather Seals
::Weather Seal BASIC KIT,67-72 MOPAR A BODY 2DRHT WITH RKB 4005-115 Basic Kit, for 2-Door Hardtop with Vent Window. Door, Roof Rail, & Trunk Seals. $161.00  
::Weather Seal ROOF RAIL SEAL,67-72 MOPAR A BODY RR 4001-B Molded Roof Rail Seals, for 2-Door Hardtop with Vent Windows (does not fit Fastback). Pair R&L $74.00  
::Weather Seal Mopar A Body 67-72 Door Seals LM 23 C Molded door seals. Fits 1967-1972 Mopar A-body 2-door hardtop, convertible, fastback and coupe. Designed with proper clips and one molded end. Pair. R&L. $78.00  
::Weather Seal Mopar A Body 63-76 Trunk Seals TK 64 A 18 Trunk Seal. For cars with flat (not D-shaped) trunk seal end profile. $28.00  
::Weather Seal VENT WINDOW SEAL,67-72 DODGE-PLYMOUTH \'A\' WR 2307 Vent Window Seals for 2-Door Hardtop (also fits '67-'69 Fastback/Notchback & Convertible). Pair $82.00  
::Weather Seal VULCANIZED WINDSHIELD GASKET- ALL 2 DOOR HARDTOPS 68-70 VWS 2705 Vulcanized Windshield Seal, for 2-Door Hardtops. (Does not fit Dart Sport or Demon) $147.00  
::Weather Seal REAR ROLL UP SEAL, VS 7-A Rear Roll-Up Window Seals. Two pieces, 20 inches long. Pair $19.00  
::Weather Seal REAR ROLL UP SEAL, VS 7-A-FL Rear Roll-Up Window Seals. Two pieces, 20 inches long. Black, electrostatically flocked. Pair $29.00  
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