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Rubber Weatherstrips (Weather Seals)

1978 thru 1982 Chevy Corvette T-Top Coupe Rubber Weatherstrips

Rubber Weatherstrips (Weather Seals):1978 thru 1982 Chevy Corvette T-Top Coupe

These high-quality replacement weather seals are guaranteed for a full 15 years. They feature a very smooth skin that is free of exposed cells or flaws.

  • Made to the highest quality standards, assuring a perfect fit and OEM quality appearance.
  • Provides even compression and sealing, thanks to micro-closed cells that are uniform in size.
  • Made using CAD and CNC mills for proper 3D contouring.

Chevrolet 1978 thru 1982 2-Door Coupe with T-Top Roof Model Weather Seals - 15 year warranty

For 1978 thru 1982 Chevy Corvette T-Top Coupe Models

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::Weather Seal BASIC KIT,78-82 CHEVY CORVETTE,T-TOP CPE RKB 2000-103 Basic Kit for T-Top Coupe. Door, Pillar Post, T-Top, & Rear Vertical Seals. $228.00  
::Weather Seal T-TOP SEALS,77-82 CHEVY CORVETTE,PAIR TP 2001 T-Top Seals. Includes molded corners and steel core across window side. Pair R&L $85.00  
::Weather Seal REAR VERTICAL WINDOW SEAL,78-82 CHEVY ELP 2053 Rear Side Window Seals. High quality sponge reproduction. Made with steel cores. 11-1/4 inches long. Pair R&L $48.00  
::Weather Seal DOOR SEAL,78-82 CHEVROLET CORVETTE, LM 19-D Molded Door Seals with Molded Ends and Clips. Pair R&L $62.00  
::Weather Seal Chevy Corvette 73-82 Windshield Pillar Post Seals CZ 2000 Windshield pillar post seals. Fits 73-82 Corvette coupe and convertible. Made of long-lasting, jet black EPDM sponge rubber without wire insert. 19-1/2 inches long. Pair. R & L. $43.00  
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Bought a top for my daughters mustang and the quality of the top and the corresponding DVD was great. That and I had a few questions before the order and after while I was installing and the staff was so friendly and fast in answering. Without the DVD I never could have done this myself but with it, it made it quite approachable. Top looks great and I saved at least 1000k.

- Michael S.

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