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Landau Vinyl Tops

Ford Crestliner - 1950 Landau Vinyl Tops

Factory style replacement Vinyl Landau Top. OEM Styling: Made with two heat-sealed seams which run along each side of the roof (one seam along each side). These seams are stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed, so the stitching is not exposed. This is a match to the factory original styling.

These Landau Tops fit the 1950 Ford Crestliner. The patterns are fitted, not universal, meaning they are specific for the vehicles noted here in each table.

  • OEM Design: Our Landau Top patterns are an exact copy of the factory original patterns and are made to be great fit for your car. Landau Tops are made with highest quality Haartz Fleece Back Vinyl Roof Topping materials.
  • Materials Available: We offer these tops in Haartz Corsica Vinyl and Haartz Elk Vinyl, premium materials used by professionals to renew your car’s vinyl top to that brand new look.
  • All Landau Tops offered on this page include a 3 Year warranty; details are available on our warranty page.
  • Please scroll down to find the Landau Top for your Ford Crestliner.

1950 Ford Crestliner (2 Door Hardtop) - Factory Style Full Landau Top

Important Notes: This is the replacement Vinyl Landau Top only, meaning it does not include any Molding or Clips hardware. You will need to re-use all the Moldings & Clips which are currently on your car, or purchase new Moldings & Clips separately. Fuzzy Backing: These vinyl tops are made with Haartz fuzzy backed vinyl to maximize the adhesion of the top to the roof of your car. Smooth backing vinyl is inferior and is not available.

  • Some vehicles with Landau Tops were manufactured with a separate layer of closed cell foam, called Insolite, underneath the Landau topping material. This Landau Top does not include Insolite foam. If Insolite foam is desired, it can be purchased from your local auto upholstery shop.
  • Other colors can be made, please inquire.
  • These Landau Tops only fit the 2-Door Hardtop Crestliner from the 1950 model year. Please check the diagram below to ensure you are buying the Landau Top which is an exact match to your car's body style.
  • Made with two heat-sealed seams which run along each side of the roof (one seam along each side). These seams are stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed, so the stitching is not exposed.
  • Unsure about which color to pick? Check your trim package sticker (usually found in the glove box, or driver's side pillar post); then email us the factory trim code, and we'll help you make your choice.

Diagram - Click here to see the car body style examples

:Ford Crestliner - 1950

Click on any color swatch or picture below to see a bigger version. Factory Style Landau Top
for 2 Door Hardtop
::Landau Top Vinyl Corsica Black C-100 Black Corsica Vinyl $314.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Corsica Performance White C-124 Performance White Corsica Vinyl $314.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Corsica Ivory C-105 Ivory Corsica Vinyl $314.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Corsica Silver Frost C-205 Silver Frost Corsica Vinyl $314.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Corsica Silver Birch C-130B Silver Birch Corsica Vinyl $314.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Corsica Medium Parchment C-1705 Medium Parchment Corsica Vinyl $314.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Black S-848 Black Elk Vinyl $240.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk White S-8936 White Elk Vinyl $240.00  
::Landau Top Vinyl Elk Bright White S-9753 Bright White Elk Vinyl $240.00  
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