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The Pontiac brand was a division of GM that was established in 1926. For many years, Pontiac was positioned as the performance division, with sporty mainstream cars like the GTO, Fiero, Trans Am and the Firebird, many of which featured the Pontiac convertible top. GM discontinued the brand in 2010 as part of its restructuring after the global financial crisis. Although gone, the brand is not forgotten, with a thriving national network of Pontiac fan clubs and meet-ups.

The Firebird and Trans Am combo is one of Pontiac?s legendary vehicles. The Trans Am convertible top was a souped up version of the Firebird, with a better set of interior options, and usually a more powerful set of performance options including engine, exhaust, and so forth. Although purists will argue that there are some possible Firebird convertible top combinations which can trump some possible Trans Am combinations, from a practical standpoint, the Trans Am is the Firebird?s ?big brother.?

The Pontiac Sunfire convertible is another popular Pontiac model. Introduced in 1995 to replace the Sunbird and give it a sporty makeover, the Pontiac Sunfire convertible top featured dramatic new styling while keeping the same budget price tag. This J Body car shared a platform with the Chevy Cavalier, which was updated at the same time in a similar fashion, and both models also received a safety update as well.

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