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The British Motor Corporation (BMC) was formed in 1952 as a merger of the Morris and Austin, and went on to become a quintessentially British icon. In addition to dozens of classic British cars, BMC (later known as BMH, then British Leyland) produced the MGB convertible top, a sports car that has delighted enthusiasts for decades.

The light-weight and sporty MGB top was launched in 1962 by the British Motor Corporation, as replacement for the MGA. Advanced for its time, the MGB was one of the first cars to feature the fold-away MGB hood and crumple zones as a safety item. For the American market, the cars also gained an inch in height at the MGB hood and distinctive rubber bumpers. (And lost performance as a result of being de-tuned for the American market.)

The MGB soft top was the first model to be produced, as a two-seater roadster, one of the more popular body styles for this vehicle. British auto enthusiasts continue to rave about this model. Even though the MGB may not be the most reliable car in the world, MGB tops the list of cars that people love. The MGB really had that ?something special? that turns a car owner into a life-long fan.

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