Volkswagen Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather strips are often unsung heroes of a vehicle's condition. They go in the spaces between parts, particular those parts that open and close, helping them to seal the area between the parts so that water, air and dirt don't get into the vehicle. You'll find weather strips -- sometimes called weather seals, since they are "sealing" the vehicle tightly -- at the doors, windows, trunk and convertible top, to name a few. With well-made weather strips that are in good condition, your Volkswagen will be a tight ship with rain, snow and other moisture not getting inside your vehicle when it's closed up. They also will help reduce road noise and eliminate drafts.

When you inspect your weather strips, you'll want to look for cracks, tears and wear. You also want to test weather strips by touch, looking for strips that are no longer pliable and springy to the touch, which means that they won't be able to make a tight seal and should be replaced. Replacing weather strips is fairly straight forward. Strips are sold by the area of the vehicle that they are located and will come individually or in pairs (like pillar post seals and molded door seals, which come in pairs). However, if many seals on your VW need replacing, then you can look to kits to get all the seals for an entire area, like the convertible top.

Shopping for weather strips can be simple with TopsOnline because we only offer the highest quality weather strips available and they come with a 15-year replacement warranty, so you can trust them to work as they are designed to for years to come. Our weather strips are factory-original replacements, so they will fit your VW, down to the exact notices, clips and contours of your model and year. They use CAD designs and CNC technology for micro-closed cells that help give even compression and sealing that is durable and also smooth and clean to the look. Shop our weather strips now for a great deal on great seals.

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