Chrysler Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather strips have the important job being a barrier between the cozy interior of your Chrysler and the wet, wild and windy elements outside. Weather stripping "seals" the car at the seams that open and close, so they are sometimes called "weather seals". You'll find these strips, or seals, at the doors, windows and trunks, and especially on a convertible top -- you'll find them along the frame or the top, the bows and the header.

The weather strips sold by TopsOnline will work for your hard-top or convertible Chrysler. If you have an extensive job, you'll want to look for our weather strip kits that contain weather seals for an entire area of a vehicle. If you just have one or a few seals that need replacing you can look at the individual strips to purchase for that area. Investing in new weather strips for your Chrysler can help keep it looking great for years to come and prevent unnecessary damage.

Quality is important to TopsOnline, so you'll see that our weather seals come with a 15-year replacement warranty. They will meet the OE standards for fit and will meet or exceed OE quality. The look of our seals are smooth, with no visible imperfections, thanks to the micro-closed cells that help give uniform compressed and wear. CAD design and 3D contouring helps ensure the seals fit tightly and properly on your vehicle.

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