Cadillac Rubber Weatherstrips

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Weather strips perform the important job of keeping outside elements like rain, snow, wind and dirt outside of your Cadillac. Because they help "seal" the car from the elements, they are sometimes called "weather seals". You'll find weather stripping at any of the openings in your Cadillac, like the doors, windows and trunks. They are especially important along the frame and bows of your convertible top.

TopsOnline sells a variety of replacement weather seals for your hard-top and convertible Cadillac. Some weather strips are sold in kits, for those extensive jobs, but others are sold by the area, like roof rails or molded door seals, when you just need to focus on an area. Replacing your weather strips can help preserve your Cadillac and keep it free from water damage.

The weather seals sold by TopsOnline are made to meet or exceed OE standards for a great fit and long-lasting durability. They come with a 15-year replacement warranty and have a smooth look, without debris, flaws or exposed cells. Our weather strips have proper 3D contouring thanks to CAD and CNC mill technology and their micro-closed cells give consistent compression and wear so you can trust the seal they provide.

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