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Honda Landau Vinyl Tops

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Honda Replacement Vinyl Tops

Honda had two models that were part of the landau top movement and were designed with an option for a vinyl landau top: Accord and Civic. This landau style was simply vinyl covering the metal roof of the car, starting at the front windshield and extending back and down the rear pillar posts. These replacement vinyl tops are made to the exact specifications of the original and also share the same material type and texture: Levant Grain Vinyl. These tops are made with Haartz, fleece-backed vinyl that is durable and made to look great for many years. All Honda replacement vinyl tops also come with the same details as the original, like the two seams that run along the sides of the roof. They are stitched, then folded over and heat-sealed, so the stitching is hidden and the seam will last. Replace your vinyl landau top today to get your Accord or Civic back to putting its best wheel forward.

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