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Isuzu Convertible Tops And Accessories

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TopsOnline offers Isuzu Soft Tops for sale. If you need a replacement Isuzu Convertible Top, you are shopping in the right place. Amigo Replacement Tops are available in a variety of colors. Click the link above if you need to replace your Amigo Convertible Top.

Sold in Japan as the Isuzu Wizard soft top, this mid-size SUV came in two wheelbase lengths. The longer wheelbase (five door) version was known as the Isuzu Rodeo Sport convertible top, and the shorter wheelbase (three door) version as the Isuzu Amigo convertible top.

The three door Isuzu Amigo soft top began selling in America in 1989, as one of the earliest vehicles available in the new sport utility vehicle category. The Isuzu Rodeo soft top was introduced a year later, adding greater hauling capacity to the line. Both vehicles sold well both in America and in international markets.

For general convertible top care and cleaning tips, please click here. For helpful convertible top diagrams, please click here.

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