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Give your Volkswagen Beetle's interior the boost it deserves with freshly installed carpet throughout the interior. Over time it may have picked up some unwelcome souvenirs like dirt, grime, stains, crumbs and stale odors that are too stubborn to go away with a vacuum or steam cleaning job. By replacing the interior carpet of your VW Beetle you can help it to shine and keep the nostalgia and affection going for this unique model.

The Volkswagen Beetle replacement carpet kits that TopsOnline offers gives you shortcut to a great installation by packaging pre-cut replacement carpet segments that are made to model and year floor plan specifications for a precision fit. Our premium kits come with binding on all edges to prevent fraying and separation of the carpet weave, so your new carpet will be more durable with a finished edge, even under trimmed out edges. Kits come with standard yarn binding and most offer upgraded binding in vinyl or cotton for those looking for an upgrade. With pre-cut notches and grommets for each specific model for things like the gear shift and emergency brake boot, so you can get the professional installation your Beetle deserves without extra work or risk of errors when cutting carpet templates from damaged, worn and stretched scraps.

Our quality kits come in multiple colors and offer thick, 1/4" pile height, 250 count weave carpet with quality FLW (Fiber Lock Weave) backing that coats the back of the carpet for durability, holding the weave together. Replacement carpet kits come in interior passenger area carpet kit options, replacement rear well carpet kits, replacement trunk carpets and even replacement tire covers and replacement carpeted floormats. Our kits are the perfect choice for a quality restoration job on your convertible or sedan VW Beetle.

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